Screaming Hell (2016 / IMDb)

Cast Crew
Seer — Meredith Griffin Writer, Director, Camera — John Johnson
Wolf — Karissa Johnson Editor, Sound — Scott Johnson
Car Wreck — David Graham Music — Chuck Phipps
Two in Chest — C. Michael Whaley Music — Action City Blackout
Rape Victim — Wendy Ashcraft Music — Kr’rth
Theft Victim — Tiffiny Alexander Production Assistant — Tyler Sawyer
Lefty — Andy Hutchko Motorcycle Operator — Tyler Sawyer
Commander, Sir! — Michael Smallwood  
Operator — Russell Halvorson  
Roadside Helper — Michael Daly  
Head & Shoulders — Ryan Ashurst  
Bad Ass Biker Boss — Sean Krumbholz  
Dangerous — Taylor Pitts  
Really Dangerous — Brad Deerhake  
Super Dangerous — Tyler Sawyer  
Lady Dangerous — Jacqueline Karlsen  

This is another film that departs from our original plan of making just horror movies. Although the story is based on evil, the film is primarily an action flick with motorcycles, cars, and guns. Here’s the story…

Hell. Hell is taking over the world. After being contained in an underworld of despair for centuries, it found a way to breach the Earth’s surface. It roams around free…undetected, until it finds the vessels it needs to carry out its work. These vessels are us…mankind.

It enters through the soul and takes over the body. No one is certain when it will come or who it will chose. But when it does the victims are unaware of its presence. Stealing, raping, killing. These are the acts of evil it forces them to commit.

Why? What does Hell do? Hell does evil.

After decades of watching our societies collapse, an organization was formed to combat the madness and take back our world. The organization was based around two types of people: the Seers, who are born with an ability to see reflections of the Evil in a possessed human… and the Wolves, who are trained by the military to seek out and destroy these Pawns.

In an effort to increase their stealth… and their dependence on the Seers…Wolves have their vocal cords cut when they’re young. Their only job is to listen to the Seers and kill those…and only those… determined to be possessed.

Once a Seer and a Wolf are paired, they’re sent out into the world, to patrol the land, and destroy all hell that comes their way.

I know that sounds a little corny in some spots when you read it here, but it will sound great with the right voice (which we have) and the right video (which we’re getting).

Most of this filming was done at rundown or abandoned locations. The field where much of the film is shot is a multi-acre site that was going to be developed by the city (county?) into a business park many years ago. For some reason the development never happened and the land just sits, with partially roads, slabs of cement, and some makeshift fences here and there, but nothing else. No one goes out there, save the skaters, bikers, and occasional filmmakers.

At two of the places we shot, we actually got caught filming (no permits or permission) and had to luck our way out any trouble. The first was an old steel factory that had been sitting vacant for 15 years. The day we shot, the owner shows up with a crew to begin renovation for a new business. He was pretty cool about it. He just wanted to make sure we cleaned up and didn’t damage things any more than they already were.

The second place we weren’t so lucky. It was an industrial road with what appeared to be grain silos on each side of the road. We drove up and down the road getting POV footage to use for the bike scenes. Nothing specific. By the time we reached the end of the road, a security truck pulled up behind us and blocked us in. The gentlemen asked us to hand over the footage. One of them asked for the card.

We were able to convince them that we were indie filmmakers and meant no harm. They stated that the silos and facilities were under Homeland Security protection and we couldn’t take shots or film the area. Instead of giving them our 256GB SD-card that contained all of our project footage (backed up, of course), we allowed them to watch as we deleted each clip of that location. They seemed satisfied and we went about or way. Our first run in with the perils of guerrilla filming.

You may notice that the still shots all seem to have different filters/effects. That is indeed the case. We haven’t yet zeroed in on a final look for the film, so we’re trying a number of looks and feels. We want an almost Grindhouse look, but with a softer feel. We do like the early-70’s action flick look with the Kodachrome colors and film grain. Not sure what we’ll end up with.

This film was finalized almost a year after the first shoot date. There was a huge amount of editing using a style that we learned as we went. It uses a comic book effect that leant a nice feel to the post-apocalyptic setting we were going for.

The film had it’s debut at the South Carolina Underground Film Festival and was well received. We’re happy to have had a nice ending to this film.

On to the next project!