About Us

Eternal Ground Films is made up of John and Scott, brothers living in Charleston, SC that are all about scripts, cameras, and effects. Most of their films (despite the wishes of a few family members) center on horror, blood, and dark themes. Even their few ventures into comedy have blood and murder along the way.

In 2014, as a Christmas gift, John bought himself and Scott tickets to the First Annual Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. The festival was full of interesting films, affable vendors, local artwork, and lots of filmmakers eager to talk to one another. It was a very inviting atmosphere and the two felt right at home within hours of opening.

After three days of watching, absorbing, and breaking down many of the movies they saw, they decided that making films would be their new adventure. Two years later, John and Scott had their own film shown at the Crimson festival. Since then they have produced all types of films from 15-second shorts to 90-minute features that cover the range of horror, supernatural, thriller, suspense, action, comedy, and drama. They have also worked on numerous sets with other filmmakers and learned new tricks and processes each time.

John, the younger of the two brothers, grew up primarily in southeast Texas, moving to Charleston, SC during early high school. He spent much of his adolescent years sneaking “off-limit” scary movies into the family room VCR after his parents went to bed. Between the excitement of the horror movies and the fear of getting caught, John became hooked. He knew that one way or another he would be involved in the horror film industry someday.

John takes the lead in coming up with new stories and writing them out. In developing the stories, he also considers locations, camera shots, music, and actors that would fit well in the film. As such, his focus is primarily on pre-production details, casting, location acquisition, camera, and direction. Most of the work prior to the last day of shooting is handled by John, including keeping up a robust social media presence.

In addition to his love of filming, he also dabbles in photography and music, often creating scores for the films. John spends as much time as possible with his family and four dogs.

/* Sorry for sneaking the movies, Mom. We love you! */

Scott has moved around around quite a bit, living in Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, and finally South Carolina. Although he enjoys movies, Scott spent much of his younger years reading books where he developed a love of the fantasy and science fiction genres. Because of this, his main concern for their films is how the story plays out.

During pre-production, Scott acts as a sounding board to help John flesh out story ideas. Once John completes the story, Scott writes up the official script and then helps with other details like call-sheets, prop lists, and budgets. During the shoot, Scott runs audio and has been focusing a lot of time lately to developing better recording techniques.

Most of the work after the last day of shooting is handled by Scott. This is primarily the editing: sequencing, coloring, effects, audio, music, foley, titles/credits, exporting and burning. Scott also creates the IMDB pages, official posters, this EGF website, and film submissions.

In his spare time...just kidding, Scott has no spare time.

In general, the two work very well together and have become closer as brothers because of it. They devote much of their time to learning new techniques, writing scripts, and working with other filmmakers to understand the complexity that goes into filmmaking.

So watch their movies, follow them on Instagram, and like them on Facebook. And for you gore-hounds that get sucked into the world of horror, may God have mercy on your soul!